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what is vbaWhat Is VBA Training?

VBA is an acronym for Visual Basic Applications, a popular programming language featured in several Microsoft Office products like Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint. Many people are familiar with the term macro but not so much VBA. When you write a macro to automate a repetitive Microsoft Office task or to enhance a program’s functionality you are programming with VBA.

Although there are many online VBA training programs, they are all recorded videos, not live sessions. VBA Training Online is the first class offered with both live in-person meetings, as well as recorded videos. More importantly, we offer extensive notes in PDF format (hundreds of pages) and dozens of practical workbook examples based on years of Excel modeling for a wide range of industries. Our classes feature homework assignments and participants are encouraged to meet with the instructor both during and after classes for answers to questions or problems.

Who Is The VBA Trainer?

Glenn Harris is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Office Master Instructor. He has taught Microsoft Office Applications and VBA programming for over 14 years. Unhappy with the Microsoft courseware provided by Microsoft’s Certified Partners, Glenn wrote his own course ware to make learning Office Applications more effective. Glenn has self-published several books on Excel, Excel VBA, Access, and Access VBA. He is currently working on a Microsoft SQL course and an several Adobe Photoshop courses.

When Are VBA Classes Held?

New classes begin every month at a different time to accommodate people on different time zones. Each class is two hours long and begins and ends with a Q&A session. Classes are held twice a week for twelve weeks. Even if you miss a session you can transfer between online group meetings and repeat sessions indefinitely.